iOS Camera GUI PSD

August 23, 2012

While waiting for Backspaces to be reviewed by Apple, we decided to build and open source a component popularized by Instagram: live camera filters. If you’re curious, you can read about some of the motivation behind that decision in Dmitri’s post.

Open source projects aren’t usually praised for good design, and our initial versions looked like it. But I knew that we were going to launch this component very publicly, and decided to make some improvements.

As it turns out, I couldn’t find any resources online to make a mockup of the iOS camera. Even the excellent Teehan & Lax resources didn’t have a camera!

In the spirit of open source, I’ve created my own camera PSDs and released them into the public domain.

Download the files here

Included are the default iOS camera and the Instagram-like design for our open source camera, in retina and regular resolutions:

Default iOS camera Open source iOS camera]